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Our Story

Growing up in a traditional household, I lacked the encouragement and moral support that was needed to help me develop my self-confidence. This contributed to why Optiplex exists today and how we aim to provide a highly personalised eyecare experience.

From when I was at a young age, I developed my confidence by aiming to reach the epitome of everything I did so that I could receive praise and validation from my community. With every achievement, I became more and more confident in myself. I believed that if I focused my energy on a goal, I would be able to achieve it. In my teens, I trained relentlessly to become a nationally ranked tennis player; then in my twenties, I became an international taekwondo athlete representing Australia. All the while, juggling my studies to be one of the top students in my cohort.

After I graduated from optometry, I would continually study the best methods to diagnose and treat different eye diseases, so that I could thoroughly solve and educate my patients about their eye problems. I would also explore the latest fashion trends to help people achieve their desired persona with their choice of glasses.

Now in my thirties, I have focused that energy into giving back to the community what they had given me; confidence and support. I aim to foster a feeling of self-confidence in our customers through our frames and be able to support their health with a very personalised approach. This was when Optiplex was born.

Optiplex is a company where we help instil confidence and provide exceptional eye care to our communities. Our team at Optiplex are trained to help you achieve your desired look with our frames, giving you the confidence you need in your home or work environment. Whether it’s professional like a lawyer, creative like an artist, elegant like a queen, express the inner minimalist, be the definition of trendy or rock a casual look, we’ve got you covered.

Our optometrists are all high achievers with the ambition to be the best in their field. They do weekly meetings to discuss clinical cases and go through the latest research so that they can provide you with the highest level of care.

I have a dream that our community will forever have good eyesight and be glowing in confidence while wearing Optiplex frames. If you would like to visit me, please book an appointment. Until then, keep your eyes happy & healthy.

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