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Customise your lenses

Blue Light Protect+ | $99 or Free*

Protect your eyes from blue light and glare with our combination of BLP+ infused with our Crystalux Anti-Reflective Coating.

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Crystalux Anti-Reflective Coating | $70

Helps improve vision and longevity of your lenses by making them easier to clean, blocking out stray light and coated with scratch resistant shield. 

Transition Lenses | $249

Adaptive lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark through activation from UV light. With Blue Light Protect+ built in, it blocks 100% of UVA and UVB light protecting your eyes.

Polarised Lenses | $100

Polarised lenses is a must have in your sunglasses if you are adventurous. The technology is embedded in the lens to block out excessive stray light to reduce glare.

High Index Lenses | from $120

Thinner and lighter lenses to increase comfort with higher prescriptions. All high index lenses has our blue light filter and crystalux built in. 

Bi-focal | Multi-focals | Office Lenses

A combination of near and distance prescription all in the one lens for convenience. Please visit our stores for more information.

Not available online.